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Andy J Smith, MA, DPhil (Oxon), FRAS


Research Interests

  • Whistler duct structure and formation.
  • Whistler fine structure.
  • Ducted whistler mode propagation and duct coupling.
  • Properties of the plasmapause and its relationship to the mid-latitude F-region ionospheric trough.
  • The plasmaspheric bulge region.
  • The effect of magnetic storms on the plasmasphere.
  • Wave particle interactions in the magnetosphere, particularly of whistler mode waves.
  • Lightning-induced changes in the ionosphere and magnetosphere.
  • Hot plasma and non-linear effects on wave generation and propagation.
  • Effects of Power Line Harmonic Radiation on the magnetosphere and its relationship to magnetospheric line radiation.
  • Effects of localised WPI induced particle precipitation into the ionosphere.
  • Subionospheric VLF propagation and direction-finding.
  • The association between ULF pulsations and related VLF intensity modulations.
  • Global change in the plasma wave environment of geospace due to lightning and anthropogenic sources.
  • Substorm chorus events and the role of waves in electron acceleration and precipitation.
  • The role of chorus in the acceleration of electrons to relativistic energies.

Recent publications

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